Multimillionaires and Climate Change: "The Anthropocene Age"

A contribution by Zeki Ergas, author, peace activist and supporter of our Initiative since the beginning

Dr. Zeki Ergas comes from a Turkish-Jewish background and lives in Switzerland. Aside from working as an author, being a peace activist and the general secretary of the international PEN-Klubs (Promoting Literature and Defending the Freedom of Expression) in Switzerland, he is a leading member of the committee of "Schreiber für den Frieden" (Writers for Freedom)

With his article "The Anthropocene Age and the Rise of the Homo Plutocratus", Ergas elaborates on the limits of our planet. If we do not change our lifestyle radically, we risk destroying our planet and thus our civilization before the end of the 21st century.

He explains and connects the two terms Anthropocene Age and Homo Plutocratus. The Anthropocene Age is the era since the beginning of the industrial revolution, in which the human is the main caus of the global climate change. The homo plutocrati are the multimillionaires and billionaires of this world and from his point of view responsible for this development.

The solution Ergas proposes is: "The trillions of dollars presently hidden in tax havens ought to be invested in the new green economy. Tens millions of jobs would thus be created which would bring the Anthropocene Age threatening to destroy our planet and our civilization to an end.”

The full article is available for download here.

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Quelle: Global Marshall Plan Foundation